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Food for pets

Complementary food for pets

Supplements are not only for people, but also for animals! That's good news, because did you know there are more pets than residents in the Netherlands? The number of fish alone exceeds the population of the Netherlands. Do you want to support the health of your pet? Then read on quickly!

Support your pets health

Pets are very important to many Dutch people. For example, 2.6 million Dutch people own a cat and 1.5 million dogs have a Dutch owner. A cat can live up to 14 years on average. Depending on the breed and therefore the size, dogs often also get that old. By taking good care of your pet, you keep a dog or cat alive longer. In addition to enough exercise, a balanced diet helps supporting this. Are you unable to ensure that your pet is getting enough good nutrients? Then opt for some extra support, such as from the CioPet.

CioPet products

There are products which are exclusively intended for pets. With the CioPet products, for example, you can offer your pet a completely natural and effective additional supplement. A good health allows your pet to enjoy the quality of their life. These pet products are organic and ethical produced. In this way you as an owner contribute to the state of mind of your pet.

Multivitamins for animals

The support for animals is often incorporated into recognizable products. Take, for example, dental sticks specifically designed for the health of a dog's teeth. There are also special vitamins that are developed for animals. Take cat or dog multivitamins. These multivitamins have been developed for the health and calmness of your pet. This product contains tablets that are easy to give to your animal. These multivitamins contain well-known vitamins such as vitamin B6, vitamin D and vitamin E. Disclaimer: Complementary feed is not a substitute for a healthy diet or lifestyle.