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Legislation on healthy eating and drinking on the road in the Netherlands?

In the Netherlands there is commotion for healthier food and drink. An important group of authorities even wants healthy food and drink to be taken into account in the forthcoming new coalition agreement. The group demands clear legislation!

New alliance

A group of important agencies has joined forces under Alliantie Voeding voor de Gezond Generatie. This alliance consists of the Diabetes Fonds, de Hartstichting, MLDS and the Nierstichting. They are demanding more attention from the House of Representatives for healthier food and drink. The group does not stand alone, they are supported by UNICEF, JOGG and the municipality of Amsterdam.

The Dutch want to live a healthier life

The demand for legislation did not come out of the blue. The alliance has conducted its own market research which shows that the Dutch themselves want to live a healthier life. For example, 82% of the respondents say that processed food must be healthier and a large majority (72%) do not understand that there is not a ban on advertising unhealthy food aimed at children. According to the alliance, it is time to intervene with the government and to end the noncommittal nature with which the rules are now being handled.

In 2020 it became even more clear for everyone: we must all think carefully about our health. Healthy food and drinks help a lot with this. To get the daily prescribed amount of vitamins, such as enough vitamin C, it is worthwhile to take nutritional supplements. Food supplements are not a substitute for a healthy diet or lifestyle, they are an addition to your healthy diet.

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