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What are food supplements?

You can find dozens of types of food supplements online and in stores, but what exactly are food supplements? It’s time to get completely back to the basics to see what we are talking about when we refer to food supplements.

Factual meaning of food supplements

Food supplements are substances that you can take in addition to your daily nutrition. You can do so in several ways such as swallowing pills, tablets or capsules. There are also different liquid supplements or variants in the form of capsules. It is useful to explain more about these different forms. It can namely have different influences on the effect of the food supplements.

Food supplement: capsule or liquid

The greatest difference between supplements in capsule or liquid form is the fact that the quantity is always the same in pre-produced capsules. You know to the last mg how much you are taking per day. As for the liquid form, such as vitamins that are processed in oil, you have the quantity you take in your own hands. Please be careful. This form can work well as soon as you have to slowly increase a dose. This is also the ideal solution as soon as swallowing pills is more difficult.

Liposomal food supplements

It is of great importance that the body absorbs the food supplements as well as possible. Otherwise, the effectiveness of the supplement itself obviously has little influence on the health of a person. For example, special liposomal technology creates supplements in such a way that the body absorbs it in the best way possible.

The attractive element of using liposomes in nutrients, supplements and medicines is the fact that as soon as they are in the body they can be easily absorbed by the gastrointestinal canal. Non-encapsulated food supplements certainly do not protect the active ingredient as well that they transport through the body; as a result, a lot of it gets lost along the way. But liposomes encapsulate the active ingredient so that it is better protected. In addition, liposomes have the same cell structure as the intestinal wall, as a result of which the active ingredient is absorbed a lot better by the body. This is how the vitamins end up in areas where they optimally utilized.

Different types of food supplements

In addition to the different possibilities of ingestion, there are also differences in the types of food supplements. For example, there are three core groups of supplements: single food supplements, combined vitamin supplements or multivitamins. Even though the names already reveal for the most part what they are, the difference is in the number of vitamins that are in the selected product. As for single food supplements, there is one vitamin in it such as vitamin C or vitamin B12. In some cases ‘vitamins work better together’ for an optimal effect. For instance, vitamin K2 reinforces the effect of vitamin D3. In these cases, two different vitamins are added in one supplement: a combined food supplement. Multivitamins contain a whole range of nearly all necessary vitamins and building materials. This is a complete supplement to daily nutrition.

Supplement processed as nose drops

Did you know that there are also special nose drops as a result of which you can take extra vitamins? We have conducted research into the intake of drops by nose and oral intake of a vitamin. Research shows that vitamins can be absorbed more and better via the nose. It is also useful for people who are afraid of an injection.

Relevant items for food supplements

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Is the difference between the various types of food supplements still not clear to you, or do you have any other questions? Please don’t hesitate and contact us directly. We’d be happy to help you.