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From the development to the production part of the process: we have all the knowledge and specialists in-house, in order to create your private label and specific liposomal products.


A quick introduction to:

Liposomal Technology by CureSupport

Thanks to their composition, which resembles that of our own abilities food supplements with liposomal technology are absorbed faster and more efficient by the body than traditional supplements. As result, substances are better absorbed by the human body.

The function of liposomes allow any kind of substance to be protected by one or more natural membranes of phospholipid double layers, meaning that transport and uptake of the substance is highly improved. In short with a liposomal supplement you benefit the best of a supplement and get the most out of it.

Liposomes in supplements

The attraction of using liposomes to deliver nutrients, supplements and drugs into the body is that they are easily absorbed by the gastro intestinal tract and in so doing the additional encapsulated molecules are absorbed at the same time.

This overcomes the barrier that many products face, by effectively being absorbed into the body. The body will often break down many complex molecules before they are absorbed or will just not readily absorb them and so absorption levels are reduced.

Liposomes are easily absorbed so the products encapsulated by liposomes achieve much higher blood dosage levels than found in non-encapsulated products such as traditional tablets or oils. This is one of the many benefits that is shown in our liposome research.


Knowledge is our power!

With our knowledge we distinguish ourself in the market. We do not only offer our knowledge in our liposomal products and new technologies but we also share our knowledge in the form of webinars, blogs and one-to-one talks with our professionals.

How it Works
Liposomal Technology

Liposomes for food supplements are made from lecithin-extracts rich in phospholipids. When mixed with water, phospholipids form microscopic tiny vesicles with a central void encapsulating water and active ingredients dissolved in the water.

Examples of such actives can be Vitamin C or Vitamin B12 which we would like to be absorbed more easily into the body.

Whilst hydrophilic molecules can be held within the encapsulated water, hydrophobic chemicals can be dissolved into the membrane itself and in this way liposomes have the ability to carry both hydrophobic and hydrophilic molecules.

Due to their unique properties liposomes are used for the formulation of drugs, food supplements and cosmetics.



Proof of authenticity

How do you compare your supplements?

Development of liposomal encapsulation techniques has led to an outbreak for liposomal nutritional supplements. This technology has the potential to shift the paradigm of nutritional supports to nutraceuticals, as liposomes are superior in Bioavailability.

But how can you be sure of the quality of liposomal supplements you take if you can’t rely on things as simple as taste, smell or texture? Unfortunately liposomal supplements are too complex for human senses to compare. And, just as there are differences in the quality of the ingredients, the supplements built on liposomes also vary in appearance.

Meaningful criteria to compare

If a liposomal encapsulation can satisfy the three pillars of a liposome, we can expect a safe and effective action of the encapsulated ingredient. Those pillars are:

  • Particle Size
  • pH stability
  • Potential of the surface

The first criteria you can use to compare a supplement is whether the Particle size is in the range of a desired size for cellular uptake. Bigger liposomes are very well known to decrease the bioavailability. Our liposome size is created withing the optimum range for uptake.

The second criteria is the pH stability: If a liposome is not stabile under gastric pH conditions, then it is not a liposome at all. And our stability tests provide us the guarantee that we survive these conditions and protect our integrity.

Once these two criteria have been checked, the third and ultimate criteria which you can use to compare a supplement is to check the Potential: a positive charge is a pre-condition for more effective cellular uptake, since positive liposomes are more attracted towards the negative cell membrane.

Our products meet all above criteria, thus deliver the utmost quality.

Not all liposomes are the same. Which one works?

The fact that a supplement is being call liposomal does not automatically mean that it will deliver the health benefit that is often attributed to that technology. Unbiased, placebo controlled clinical trials can only prove the benefit(s) of highly specific ingredients, sourced from a specific plant, at a specific time, in a specific way. So, comparing different liposomal supplements only means something when all the criteria that truly determine their quality are exactly the same.

Clinical studies

These studies will prove the quality of our products and can substantiate why you need to choose CureSupport products over others. These studies are also to make sure our products give the results we want. According to the outcome we can create an even better composition of our products. In this way we make sure we keep innovating but we also keep our promise in making the best absorbable products on the market.

Why choose CureSupport?

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