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Facetrex® CollaFill™ drink

€48.85 Excl. tax €44.82

Facetrex® CollaFill™ drink contains natural VERISOL® collagen peptides, a patented form of collagen that has been specially developed to support female beauty. In addition, the Ester-C® contains a unique form of vitamin C that naturally contains metabolites that allow vitamin C molecules to enter the cell more easily to support the body's own collagen formation. Facetrex® CollaFill™ drink is formulated based on years of research and scientifically proven beauty claims. It works as an effective double collagen booster by: absorbing biologically active collagen peptides supporting the body's own collagen. Animal testing free and suitable for men and women.

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Price (excl. tax)€44.82
Price (incl. tax)€48.85
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