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Collagen Bovine – Premium

€ 28,95 € 26,56 ex.

Whether it’s your skin, hair or nails: collagen is the protein that is found everywhere. Collagen gives the skin its structure but the protein decreases with aging. This Collagen is made from Bovine (cow) and also contains vitamin C, Biotine, Hylaruronic acid, vitis vinifera extract, Zinc and Q10.


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162 g containing: 5 g collagen, 250 mg vitamin C, 50 mg Hylaruronic acid, 10 mg vitis vinifera extract, 10 mg zinc, 10 mg coenzym Q10 and 250 mcg biotin

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Prijs (excl. BTW)€ 26,56
Prijs (incl. BTW)€ 28,95
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