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Vedax Heemst Syrup

€12.80 Excl. tax €11.74

Content: 250ml

Heemst Syrup is a 100% vegetable syrup with a soothing effect on the throat and sore throats. Heemst (Althaea officinalis) is a plant that spread over Europe from the Asian steppes thousands of years ago. As early as Roman times and later in the Middle Ages, the Heemst Root was renowned for its soothing effect. Heemst have a high content of mucilages, which mainly consist of polysaccharides. These absorb water and then form a protective mucus layer in the throat with a soothing and beneficial effect. It is a textbook example of an early discovered natural remedy that can support health. Additional natural ingredients have been added to this Heemst throat syrup.

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