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Natucare multipurpose cream

€16.95 Excl. tax €14.01

Content: 100ml

Natucare Multipurpose Cream is a particularly good (skin) absorbable natural cream. The product was originally made for the rich & famous on earth and dates from the year 1905. The formula was produced in small and exclusive editions at the time. In 2004 the exclusive rights were acquired by Vedax and made available to the general public. The strength of the cream lies in the fact that Natucare as a top quality multifunctional skin cream is affordable for everyone. Natucare is also pleasant to use. The cream quickly penetrates into the epidermis and the deeper layers, without leaving traces of fat or an unnatural shine on the skin. The natural perfume, spicy, fresh and pleasant, comes from the high-quality natural ingredients such as extracts and oils of Sheabutter, Sunflower, Almond, Aloe Vera, Lavender, Calendula, Wintergreen, Jojoba and more. Natucare is 100% natural, unscented and certified as 'controlled natural cosmetics' with the international quality marks BDIH & NCS/EcoControl.

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