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What does vitamin D3 do?

In terms of health, vitamins have their own effect. Do you want a strong immune system? Just take some extra vitamin C. The improbable hero for your skin in the middle of dark times is vitamin E, but what exactly does vitamin D3 do?

What is vitamin D?

It is estimated that about 75% of the population has a shortage of vitamin D. How is that possible? As one of the few vitamins, vitamin D is in not that many types of food. Especially people who live as a vegetarian or vegan are at risk of a vitamin D deficiency. The food in which the vitamin can be extracted a little bit is namely fatty fish, meat and eggs.

Luckily, vitamin D cannot only be obtained from food. It is namely also called the sun vitamin. Vitamin D is primarily absorbed in the body because of exposure to the sun. That is why the typical Dutch weather often presents a challenge to get enough vitamin D. Hence, food supplements are a perfect support system for your daily portion of vitamin D.

Difference between vitamin D2 and D3

In order to compensate for the vitamin D deficiency, we advise many physicians to take extra of this vitamin. However, they do specify a specific supplement: namely vitamin D3. Vitamin D is namely available in two forms. Vitamin D2 is extracted from plants and mushrooms while vitamin D3 is found mainly in animal products. D3 seems most similar to vitamin D that our body produces in the sun.

Benefits of vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 has different effects on the body and health. The greatest benefit of people who take enough vitamin D3 is that they have sturdier bones and teeth. Extra vitamin D3 namely ensures that phosphor and calcium from food is absorbed better in the body. D3 thereby decreases bone decalcification as a result of which someone maintains stronger bones for a longer period of time.

Other benefits of vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 has a positive effect on the immune system of people. Therefore, the resistance becomes stronger! D3 also stimulates the pancreas and the insulin production in the body. As a result, the vitamin also contributes to the regulation of the blood sugar level. Consequently, diabetes patients benefit greatly from taking extra vitamin D3.

Finally, the regulation of cell differentiation by vitamin D is linked to a preventive effect on cancer. Research from KWF demonstrates that vitamin D can possibly prevent colon cancer.

Happier because of vitamin D3

Besides the fact that vitamin D can have a great influence on the human body, it also influences our mood. Especially during dark winter days, extra vitamin D3 can be a bit of a pick-me-up since the sun is visible less frequently and less strongly. The combination of vitamin D and our mood comes through the brain. There are namely vitamin D receptors in the human brain. One of the human substances that vitamin D influences as a result thereof is serotonin. Subsequently, that substance in turn influences the mood of people.

Symptoms of vitamin D3 deficiency

A shortage of vitamin D3 can be discovered in several ways. The most frequent ailments of a vitamin D3 deficiency are:

  • fatigue
  • bone pain
  • weak muscles with often cramps as a result thereof
  • feelings of depression

Taking extra vitamin D3

In order to get to extra vitamin D3, it is smart to eat fatty fish such as salmon, herring or mackerel more often. Also eating eggs, chees, milk and yoghurt more frequently in addition to walking in the sun can help. However, the greatest effect can be achieved by taking food supplements.

Do you want to know more about vitamin D3? Please don’t hesitant and contact us quickly.