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CureSupport is a leading manufacturer, product innovator and supplier of liposomal nutritional supplements.


CureSupport is a leading manufacturer, product innovator, developer and supplier of liposomal nutritional supplements. It is our mission to provide the best liposomal nutritional supplements and CBD products. We own several state of the art manufacturing facilities providing turn-key solutions for custom and contract manufacturing. CureSupport is the B2B partner for your branded supplements and private label in the field of liposomal nutritional supplements, CBD and cosmetics.

The strength of CureSupport’s unique approach lies in the fact that we are involved in every step of the process. Next to a solid group of researchers, we have our own production facilities, spread through different continents. From the development to the production part of the process: we have all the knowledge and specialists in-house, in order to create your private label and specific liposomal products. Versatility in production, due to a systemized manufacturing base will offer you the most flexible, tailor made solutions.


Next to the modern manufacturing facilities, well equipped and established manufacturing bases in the Netherlands, Las Vegas (USA) and India, we hold various clinicals tests, worldwide patents, patented innovations and publications. All of them conducted in cooperation with our Scientific Board of Directors.

During our history of growth we have developed and presented more than 500 different recipes to the market, majority of which are still on sale and are being well valued by loyal customer of our brands. We are present in all applicable segments, serving all possible target groups.



Is growing together with our extended portfolio, rapidly increasing our global presence: state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are operating in the Netherlands, the US and in India.

Large part of it is concentrated in two different R&D departments, improving existing products and constantly creating new concepts. Our key team is being represented by pharmacists, PhD scientists, lab-experts and researchers.


Our own production facilities, sales and marketing team work together on creating the opportunities to satisfy the local market and establish a strong export segment. Currently we export our products to more than 65 countries globally and our presence is growing each year.

Support during registration processes for all countries around the world

Complete Technical data sheets and microbiological results for our products

Flexibility in New Product Development for CBD, liposomal products & cosmetics

Tailor-made or exciting solutions for primary and secondary packaging