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Our Story

We create innovative products, techniques and formulas that are focused on improving the bioavailability of nutritional supplements.

Learn more about our company and the path we have followed to become the leader in liposomal technology.

Liposomal Magnesium CureSupport

At CureSupport we decided to take a different approach.
A highly science based approach. With major focus on quality,
efficacy and bioavailability of our products. 





Our vision is to keep developing and improving our innovative products, formulations and technologies so that we are able to maximise everyone's health. We aim to create a new perspective on food supplements where we offer the best bio-availability possible.

  • Our highly science based approach focused on quality & efficacy have already proofed itself with the bioavailability studies we performed on our Liposomal Curosome and Liposomal vitamin C. The results are outstanding. Our liposomal Curosome is 16.73 times more bioavailable than non-liposomal curcumin.

We want to keep expanding our product-range of liposomal products on the market to fit everybody's wishes and needs. We want to make our advanced liposomal technology available for a big audience so it can become the newest standard for food supplements in the industry.

  • We are already the pioneer in having the widest range of liposomal products and we keep on developing and researching for more.
  • We host webinars and create blogs, to share our knowledge about our innovative technique

Our experts are our guarantee for the in-house production of our liposomal food supplements with the highest proven bioavailability and stable liposome. We promise that we always keep striving for the highest quality in everything we do. We believe in creating value in the food chain by supplying not only safe but also high-quality products and services.

  • Our team of pharmacists and PhD’s is specialised in quality control systems, developing new innovative products, guaranteeing the high quality of our products. By making use of this knowledge when manufacturing our products, we can supply the highest quality both to professional business customers and to private individuals.

Time Line

Walk through our history to see the milestones and growth of CureSupport


When it all started

Started from the personal drive to help and support his son, CureSupport was founded in 2006 by a doctorate in pharmaceutical technology from the University of Groningen, The Netherlands.


Nasal drop patent

In the year 2015 we received our first patent for our unique product B12 nasal drop. This patent is world wide.
The Liposomal B12 nasal drops were developed as a new and better alternative to the painful vitamin B12 injections.


Clinical trails

We preformed clinical trials on our liquid Liposomal Curosome and Liposmal vitamin C. The results where outstanding comparing with the non-liposomal products.


Aktin Technology

In 2018 we developed Atkin Technology a liposomal technology for powder products. Our results are so good that we have a patent world wide.


North America

In 2018 we established our own North American subsidary with production facility and we introduced liposomal CBD.



In 2020 we worked hard on developing new technologies to improve the bioavailability of our products and we filed for multiple patents pending.


Vybe Sport Supplements

A collaboration brand that focuses on active people, sporters and athletes. It's the first liposomal sport supplement on the market!


Anti-Aging products NMN

A liposomal anti-aging product that helps you feel young, and regain your strength and energy. Our NMN is of high quality, carefully third-party tested and free of heavy metals and pesticides.


New products

We developed new products for every target audience: liposomal vegan gummies, liposomal beadlets, liposomal water soluble powder and liposomal chewable tablets.



Integrating Labocan into the CureSupport's business creates synergy on new product development, management as well as distribution. Together both businesses combine multiple dossiers of the novel food applications for cannabinoids.

We started from the a personal drive to support people with their health, and trough the years we kept growing to become the leader in Liposomal technology.







We create innovative products, techniques our formulas that are focused on improving the bioavailability of nutritional supplements. Our food supplements are intended to correct nutritional deficiencies, maintain an adequate intake of certain nutrients, or to support specific physiological functions.

Our products are developed under solid craftsmanship by our team of pharmacists and PhD’s. We produce in our own production facilities, giving us full control over the entire production process.

Making our liposomal technology available to the industry and offering transformative and agile solutions to our brand clients, is our most important goal.

In collaboration with our clients and partners, we have created many best-selling products around the world over the past decade. Our products can be found in several countries globally. We are grateful for the feedback from our clients for these achievements, as we continuously develop more effective products. Leading in our area with wide range portfolio quantity and diversity and showing stable growth.

Curesupport offers product development, production and consultancy.

'The bridge between innovative scientific knowledge to develop products that have an impact on well-being and health.'

Global Operations

CureSupport has collaborated with brand clients to export products to more than 65 countries worldwide. We continue to serve the needs of our customers through the impact of our excellent products.


Our knowledge,
is our power.

Liposomes for food supplements are made from lecithin-extracts rich in phospholipids. When mixed with water, phospholipids form microscopic tiny vesicles with a central void encapsulating water and active ingredients dissolved in the water.

Examples of such actives can be Vitamin C or Vitamin B12 which we would like to be absorbed more easily into the body.

Whilst hydrophilic molecules can be held within the encapsulated water, hydrophobic chemicals can be dissolved into the membrane itself and in this way liposomes have the ability to carry both hydrophobic and hydrophilic molecules.

Due to their unique properties liposomes are used for the formulation of drugs, food supplements and cosmetics.

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Most products can be made alcohol free, vegan and also available with Halal and kosher certificates. For most of the liquids products we have a registraded Vegan Society Certificates.

Also all our products are produced under FSCC 22000:2018 in GMP and HACCP quality.

Food Safety Policy Statement

At CureSupport, we are committed to continually improve the quality of the products that we produce and sell. We believe in creating value in the food chain by supplying not only safe but also high-quality products and services. The quality standards should meet and exceed customer and consumer expectations.

We believe that in order to uphold our quality promises, every single employee at CureSupport must be committed to the company’s quality and food safety goals. The responsibility lies with every employee who has direct influence on the raw materials supply chain, warehousing, production, primary and secondary packaging, filling, and transportation.

CureSupport staff must be guided by the following principles:

  • Continuously improve the food safety and quality standards as the business grows
  • Manufacture and deliver products that do not only meet or exceed the quality and food safety standards as laid out in the European as well as Dutch legislation, but also conform to mutually agreed customer requirements assuring product and process integrity.
  • Continuously improve and validate the effectiveness of the quality and food safety management system in the context in which CureSupport operates.
  • Raise awareness, lift knowledge level, strengthen mindset across the entire organization. Make sure all staff is up to date with the quality standards we uphold. Provide sufficient material and opportunities for training and education for a positive impact on food safety and quality.
  • Perform annual management review and set targets to ensure that food safety and quality remains an integral part of operations.
  • Communicate quality and food safety requirements to all stakeholders who have impact on or are influenced by CureSupport’s food safety and quality policy. Perform periodic evaluations on suppliers and partners to ensure alignment in the context of food safety and quality standards.